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YOU BELIEVE that retirement isn’t an end, but a chance for a new beginning. That age isn’t a number to fear, but an opportunity to know yourself and what you want. That the best place to spend your life is at the center of everything.

WE BELIEVE that a life well-lived includes freedom of choice and a personal connection to what’s around you. That a community of style, stability and comfort - set against a skyline of limitless exploration and adventure - is the best of all possible worlds. That this is your time, your place and your peers.

TOGETHER, we can create a community that redefines retirement – and allows you to thrive.

Trevive Global - Branding, Website & Video 

"Jeanne has a gift: she was able to listen to my idea, understand its challenges, and develop a video that highlights the core concept and sheds light on me as the leader. Her creativity made my Trevive concept real and meaningful in a way that no one else was able to do."

Orly Gilat, President, Tevive Global